Mailing and Messaging

Communication is crucial: stay in constant contact with your affiliates

Mailing and Messaging

A hands-on network provides better service and generates more conversions! Offerit’s powerful mailing and messaging system allows you to easily communicate with all of your affiliates, advertisers, and customers based on any number of criteria.

Fully Integrated Mailer

Administration Mailer List Administration Mailer List

Stay in touch with your users quickly and easily using the included mass mailer feature.

  • Target your audience: Target Affiliates, Advertisers, and even customers with material and information
  • No Limit: Create and send an unlimited number of email campaigns
  • HTML and Text formats: Emails can be sent in both HTML and plain text. This ensures that accounts receiving your email will be able to view your message.
  • Repeated Campaign Pushes: Emails can be sent one-time, or you can set up recurring emails to be sent at specified intervals. Never miss an opportunity to keep in touch!
  • Easy to Design: Create any design and share real time offer details using our SMARTY and HTML based templating system.

Robust Rules System

Email Campaign Rules Email Campaign Rules

Using our detailed rule system, you can decide who will receive your emails within your network.

  • Affiliates or Customers: Target Affiliates, Advertisers, and even customers with material and information
  • Send Only Once: When this is set, Offerit will send the email to an affiliate or customer only one time
  • Opt In: Affiliates and Customers can Opt In to receiving messages from you. Your rules will adhere to that setting
  • Start / End Dates: Allow a marketing campaign to run over a few hours or over a few months. Running a mailer over time is useful when you want to send out messages to affiliates or customers when they meet specific targeting requirements. (see below)
  • Target Affiliates By:
    • Sending to specific affiliates only, based on their username
    • The commission total they have earned over time
    • The amount of traffic that has come through over time
    • How long they have been an active/disabled/banned Affiliate
  • Target Customers By:
    • Sending to customers that signed up for one offer
    • How long it has been since they signed up
    • Their continuity, or how many times a repeated sale has come through.

Internal Affiliate Messaging

Affiliate Messaging - Inbox Affiliate Messaging - Inbox

Keep your affiliates informed using your program's messaging and notification system. Leave no one behind, and easily bring the latest news to all your affiliates. You can also easily support your affiliates if they have any questions.

  • Affiliate News: Keep your affiliates updated with an advanced news delivery system built directly into your affiliate network.
  • Customizable News Sections: Create as many news sections as you need. You can create a news section for general network updates, new offers, etc.
  • Affiliate Messaging: Communicate with your affiliates privately within your affiliate network. Internal communications avoid issues such as spam filters typically encountered with email.
  • System Notifications: System Notifications are sent to affiliates, advertisers, and administrators, notifying them of critical events and information.
  • Internal Affiliate Support System: Manage Affiliate support issues directly within your affiliate network.