Your Affiliates

Promoting your offers for you

Your Affiliates

Affiliates will drive traffic to your offers, maximizing conversions and sales. Offerit delivers an enormous amount of tools to you and your affiliates to make this process straightforward and effortless.

Easy Management

Manage your affiliates

Whether you have a few or a massive number of affiliates in your network, Offerit allows you to easily manage your affiliates. We give you access to an Affiliate Admin to review every single affiliate in your network.

  • Affiliate Override: A very powerful feature allowing you to use your affiliate network as if you are a specific affiliate. This allows you to troubleshoot any issues the affiliate may be having as well as help them get started.
  • Logged Affiliate Changes: Any changes an affiliate makes to their account details will be logged in a report to let you easily detect any fraud and keep up-to-date with your affiliates.
  • Verify Affiliate Changes: When enabled, changes to important affiliate information requires going through a verification system to improve your network's security.
  • Affiliate Verification: You have the ability to review all new affiliates before they can access and use your network. Prevent unwanted strangers from waltzing in!

Affiliate Toolbelt

Affiliate Toolbelt includes a Linkcodee Wizard Affiliate Linkcodee Wizard

Affiliates will find a wide array of tools to easily promote and drive the most traffic to your offers.

  • Your affiliates can configure subIDs, pixels, and campaigns to organize tracking of your offers. They can then organize and group their statistics based on the subIDs and campaigns they create. Offerit provides a feature called the Campaign Builder, a step-by-step guide to make the process of setting up these features easy and simple for your affiliates.
  • Linkcodes in Offerit are how your affiliates will send traffic to your offers. Each linkcode is unique URL, which allows your network to credit your affiliates and track offers. Offerit even lets your affiliates choose how their linkcodes will be formatted:
    • Tiny URL: Affiliates can generate tiny URLs such as for cleaner looking offer links.
    • Encoded URL: Offerit will obscure the affiliate's identifier information in the URL for security
    • Unencoded URL: Unencoded URLs provide affiliates with linkcodes containing the linking information in plain text. But don’t worry, if an affiliate alters a linkcode and sends traffic to an offer that can’t be promoted, the affiliate will not get paid out on any transactions that result from that traffic.
  • Offerit contains a postback that you can give to affiliates to utilize. This system can inform both you and/or your affiliates of new conversions, continuity, and other events.

Dedicated Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate and Advertiser Dashboard

Your affiliates have their own dedicated area in Offerit to review their stats, creatives, and offers available to them in your network. Sticky settings will save each individual affiliate's preferences for the next time they visit their dashboard. Another cool feature available is quick links, allowing affiliates to "bookmark" the pages they visit most. Offerit provides you and your affiliates a smooth, seamless user experience.

Advanced Reporting

Affiliate and Advertiser Report Graphs Affiliate and Advertiser Report Graphs

All statistics for affiliates, advertisers, and administrators are displayed in real time, providing you with information accurate to the second. Easily breakdown your data by region, offer, affiliate, and more. Check out Advanced Reports for more information!