Affiliate Conversion Tracking

Track your affiliate conversions

Affiliate Conversion Tracking

Easily set up the complete tracking process in a manner that best fits into your specific needs.

An Overview of Affiliate Conversion Tracking

Pixel Builder within the Offerit Administration Pixel Builder within the Offerit Administration

The Affiliate Conversion Tracking process consists of:

  1. Setting up a new offer within your Offerit installation
  2. Using the code provided within Offerit, place a postback pixel onto the page where your conversion will take place
  3. Your affiliates start promoting your offers around the internet, using unique linkcodes
  4. A visitor clicks on an affiliate’s linkcode and is sent to your offer’s landing page
  5. When the visitor converts (i.e.: filling out a lead form or finalizing a shopping cart sale), the postback pixel you have placed onto your conversion page will fire
  6. One thing to note is that Offerit provides both you and your affiliates the proper URLs mentioned above. You will not need to create them on your own.

Tracking Types

Affiliate and Advertiser Area Temp Image Offerit Temp Image

You will find multiple tracking solutions included within Offerit to ensure that your affiliate conversions are always tracked and reported properly.

  • Cookieless Tracking: Our proprietary cookieless tracking technology, which is in use perpetually, maximizes your affiliate’s conversions and allows you to outperform other networks.
  • Impression Tracking: Full impression tracking tracks every single raw visitor to your offers in real time.
  • Unique Tracking: Unique tracking provides a precise count of unique visitors to your offers.
  • Full Pixel Tracking Support: Offerit supports all types of tracking pixels such as Iframe and image pixels. These pixels can be used for all tracking purposes, including conversions, impressions, visits, and more.
  • Multi-step Pixels: Use multiple step pixels to track a customer's progress through the conversion process, allowing you to identify conversion drop off points.

Postback Types

Affiliate and Advertiser Area Temp Image Offerit Temp Image

Depending on your needs, there are multiple solutions within Offerit to track your conversions by posting back to your installation:

  • Image Pixel / Iframe: Place a small snippet of HTML onto your conversion page.
  • Backend Postback: Update your conversion software to make a data post directly to Offerit.
  • Offer Specific Postbacks: If needed, you have the ability to configure your postbacks differently for each offer.
  • Event Postbacks: Our complete postback system allows you to receive data postbacks on all events. This system allows for the tightest possible integrations.
  • Sub-Affiliate Tracking: Generate and track valuable Earnings Per Click (EPC) statistics with our full Advanced Reporting.

Special URLs

Affiliate and Advertiser Area Temp Image Offerit Temp Image
  • Tiny URLs: Affiliates can generate tiny URLs such as for cleaner looking offer links.
  • Encoded URLs: Encoded URLs provide affiliates with linkcodes that have their data obscured.
  • Unencoded URLs: Unencoded URLs provide affiliates with linkcodes containing the linking information in plain text. But don’t worry, if an affiliate alters a linkcode and sends traffic to an offer that can’t be promoted, the affiliate will not get paid out on any transactions that result from that traffic.