How much to pay and how to send payments


You can use Offerit to pay out per click, per action, per sale, and per continuity without limitations on how or when you pay out your affiliates.

Diverse Pricing Models

Affiliate area, displaying multiple offers Affiliate area, displaying multiple offers

Offerit provides multiple types of commissions for your offers to meet all of your needs. They include:

  • CPC (Cost per Click): For each click your affiliate sends, you pay a flat amount. You can stretch this to pay per visitor and impression.
  • CPS (Cost per Sale): If the traffic your affiliate sends converts to a sale, you pay a percentage of the sale.
  • CPA (Cost per Action): This is similar to CPS, but you set a flat amount to pay your affiliate per sale instead of a percentage.
  • CPM (Cost per Mille): Offerit defines the mille as every 1,000 impressions. Your affiliates receive your set flat amount per mille.
  • Continuity Payouts: Pay your affiliates on a recurring basis when they promote an offer that includes continuity.

Of course, you can also commit manual changes to any affiliate's commission earnings for any purpose. These manual changes would include:

  • Manual Sales: Manually credit affiliates with sales in case of non-standard orders.
  • Manual Invoicing: Easily add an additional payout to an affiliate for any reason you may have.

Commission Customization

Setting specific commissions within the Offers admin Setting specific commissions

Offerit allows any combination of the above models in one offer, where each can be customized to your specific needs. In other words, you can have an affiliate get paid per mille and per sale at the same time!

You can also set up special commission changes for specific scenarios. This is useful when you want to affect the commission of one or more affiliates, but not all. You can affect their commission once, forever, or repeat in certain timeframes. There are many types of changes to fit your exact needs:

  • Standard Change: Simply raise the payout for a specific affiliate or offer.
  • Disable Commission: Turn off the commission for a specific affiliate or entire offer.
  • Temporary Change: Temporary commission change, based on a time period.
  • Tiered Commission: Set up tiers to increase a commission based on the number of conversions from this affiliate.
  • Recurring Change: Set up a temporary commission that occurs more than once.

Manageable Payout Periods and Reports

Easy Payment Management Easy Payment Management

The amount of time between payment cycles is considered the Affiliate Commission Period. You can set any period range for any affiliate to ensure total flexibility. This is useful should you have an affiliate that requires a unique payout frequency, as you can create a specific period only for that affiliate.

Along with specific payout periods, you can set multiple ways to actually pay your affiliates. These are called Payvia Types:

Additional Features to Note

Commission Changes listed Commission Changes listed

There are unlimited possibilities with Offerit! Beyond what has been mentioned above, additional features include:

  • Promotional Commissions: Offer higher commissions for an offer during a promotional period, or to simply increase the attention for a specific offer. Promotional commissions are extremely flexible and can be applied to all or only specific affiliates, and can run for any time period.
  • Reward System: A system that can provide added incentive for promoting your offers. Create categories and prizes that can be redeemed for points.