Brand Advertisers

Providing offers to your network

Brand Advertisers

If you want to bring more offers to your network, advertisers will assist you. Your affiliates can promote your advertisers' offers, and you will receive a commission customized by you!

Easy Management

Manage your Advertisers

Whether you have a few or an enormous number of advertisers in your network, Offerit allows you to easily manage your advertisers. We give you access to an Advertiser Admin to review every single advertiser in your network.

  • Advertiser Offer Approval: After an advertiser places a new offer into your network, you will have full control over all aspects of the offer before allowing your affiliates to start promoting it.
  • Advertiser Override: A very powerful feature allowing you to use your network as though you were a specific advertiser. This allows you to troubleshoot any issues the advertiser may have as well as help them get started.
  • Logged Advertiser Changes: Any changes an advertiser makes to their account details will be logged in a report. This lets you easily detect any fraud and keep up-to-date with your advertisers.
  • Verify Advertiser Changes: When enabled, changes to important advertiser information requires going through a verification system, which improves your network's security.
  • Advertiser Verification: You have the ability to review all new advertisers before they can access and use your network. Prevent unwanted strangers from waltzing in!

Advanced Reporting

Affiliate and Advertiser Report Graphs Affiliate and Advertiser Report Graphs

All statistics for affiliates, advertisers, and administrators are displayed in real time, providing you with data accurate up to the second. Easily breakdown your data by region, offer, affiliate, and more. Go to Advanced Reports for more information!

Dedicated Advertiser Dashboard

Affiliate and Advertiser Dashboard

Your advertisers have their own dedicated area in Offerit to review their stats, creatives, and offers available to them in your network. Sticky settings will save each individual advertiser's preferences for the next time they visit their dashboard. Another cool feature available is quick links, allowing advertisers to "bookmark" the pages they visit the most. Offerit provides you and your advertisers a seamless and smooth user experience.

Easy Advertiser Invoicing

Advertiser Invoicing Area Advertiser Invoicing Form

You can generate invoices to your advertisers easily using the Advertiser Admin for a specific time range of your choice. Adding in additional details such as a memo, revenue type, and VAT are also available.

Boundless Opportunities

Affiliate and Advertiser Area Temp Image Offerit Temp Image
  • Unlimited Advertisers: As with affiliates and offers, you may work with as many advertisers as you would like without incurring any additional fees.
  • Unlimited Offers: Your advertisers may run as many offers as they would like. We do not believe in limiting the potential of your business.
  • Unlimited Landing Pages: Every offer your advertiser adds to your affiliate network can have an unlimited number of landing pages. This allows you and your affiliates to promote your offers in every possible way, maximizing conversions.
  • Multiple Currency Support: Support for multiple currencies assists you in working with international affiliates and advertisers.

Additional Features to Note

Affiliate and Advertiser Area Temp Image Offerit Temp Image
  • Multiple Currency Support: Support for multiple currencies assists you in working with international affiliates and advertisers.