Modern Look and Feel

Intuitive Design, Detailed Features

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The layout and design of Offerit has been meticulously perfected to ensure that it is both easy and intuitive to use, complies with the latest industry standards, and functions properly across all browsers. We worked closely with Network Administrators, Affiliates, and Advertisers to create this natural user interface.

Network Admin vs Affiliate vs Advertiser Areas

Affiliate Area
Administration Area

A Network Admin requires much deeper access to both the overall state of their program, settings, offers and reporting than an Affiliate or Advertiser would need. To ensure that all user types have proper access to the appropriate data, we have created:

  • Affiliate Area: These pages offer quick access to any data assocated to their account, include: detailed reports for their traffic through Offerit, links for any offer that they can promote, creative ad tools to help them promote, and easy tools to help manage their account.
  • Advertiser Area: These pages offer quick access to any data assocated to their account, include: detailed reports for their traffic through Offerit, easy forms allowing them to add and manage Offers they have placed onto the network, and easy tools to help manage their account.
  • Administration Area: The admin area will allow the appropriate level affiates to view Network wide reports, manage offers, commissions, affiliate and more.

Affiliate and Advertiser Area

Affiliate area design and navigation Affiliate area design and navigation

The Affiliate and Advertiser area is set up to provide quick access to report data, offers, and account information. The simple navigation structure and common design across all pages allows your users to effortlessly promote your offers without having to learn a new, complicated system. Within these pages, Affiliates and Advertisers will have quick access to:

  • Reporting: All the traffic, conversion, and continuity data associated to their account, displayed through our Advance Reporting.
  • Offers: Any offer that has been enabled for their account will be displayed, along with details of the offer.
  • Account Information: From changing their primary email account to how they would like to be paid, Affiliates and Advertisers will always have access to change and update their account details.

Network Administrator Area

Administration Dashboard Administration Dashboard

The administration interface gives you access to powerful features that are only available to Network Owners and other affiliates you wish to grant access. A few of these features include:

  • Quick Start Guide: A step-by-step guide to quickly and easily get your new Offerit install up and running.
  • Administration Dashboard: Immediately know where you need to direct your attention with this concise yet detailed overview of your network.
  • Detailed Reports: Multiple real-time reports allow you to track all aspects of your system.
  • Complete Management: Effortlessly manage many components of your network, including your: offers, affiliates, advertisers, branding, creatives

Ajax Powered Reports, Graphs, and More

Easy to read graphs for dynamic reporting Dynamic Reporting

Throughout Offerit, we leverage the latest technologies to display attractive reports quickly and efficiently. Ajax powered reports provide faster results when running multiple reports, without always refreshing the page. Our pie chart and line graph options allow you to quickly grasp the overall picture when viewing any type of report.